Finding the Right Tack for Your Horse

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A good riding relationship is all about balance, the comfort of you as the rider, and the comfort of your horse too. Selecting the right tack is one way to help your relationship with your horse get off on the right foot. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Just like humans, horses come in a variety of shapes, and even if the measurements are right not all saddles are made equal. You need to consider the anatomy of your horse as well as the size when it comes to choosing a saddle that’s comfortable for you both as well as being solid and safe to ride on. It’s important to consider the fit of the saddle in terms of how it sits on your horse as well as whether its big enough.


Selecting a bit for your horse is all about getting the fit right. If your bit fits properly, there are no dental issues and your horse is well trained to accept the bit you shouldn’t encounter too many problems.


The bridle is another important piece of equipment where its essential that its comfortable for your horse. You want your horse to be responsive to your bridle and your directions so comfort is paramount. Ensure you’ve had it properly measured to fit perfectly. It’s also important to consider what bit it will be used with.

Getting the right tack for your horse is as much about safety as it is comfort. Many accidents could be avoided by better horse control, and better equipment so that the horse isn’t fighting it. When you’re purchasing equipment for your horse, and thinking through how best to care for it then please also consider getting a horse insurance quote. If the worst should happen then you know you’ll be able to continue caring for your companion.


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