Difference Between Horses and Ponies

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Horses and Ponies – What’s the Difference?

Those who are deciding between purchasing a horse, or a pony, will want to know the differences between these two incredible animals. Although it may seem as though they are very similar, there are some distinct differences in appearance, as well as behaviour. Knowing these unique attributes can help you make a more informed decision about which animal is best for you, and your needs.

Height and Frame

One of the most distinct differences between a horse and a pony, will be their height. Ponies are generally under 14.2 hands (1 hand is 4 inches), and many popular breeds are under 10 hands. Horses can be a lot bigger, especially those which are thoroughbred, however miniature horses can actually be around 30 inches! It is important to understand that although height can play a big part, it is not the only difference between a horse and a pony. Ponies tend to have a much stockier frame, with shorter legs and barrel chests. Horses are much more narrow, which gives them an elegant look, especially around their face and neck.


It is thought that ponies have a lot calmer temperament than horses, although it can all depend on the breed and the training and owner. Ponies can be a lot more stubborn than horses however, due to having a high level of equine intelligence. Horses are also intelligent, yet react more positively to persuasion and training. As long as a horse is trained correctly, you will find that it can be just as calm and gentle as a pony. It is important that you thoroughly research the breed you are interested in, to make sure their temperament suits you. It is also important to ensure you look into equine insurance from Horse-Insurance.co.uk to see the different insurance options available for your chosen breed.



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