Costs to Consider When Buying a Horse

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Most girls dream of having their own pony, but the cost of looking after a horse can soon add up. Before buying a horse it is important to consider the costs of buying and looking after a horse.

Buying A Horse

The cost of a horse will depend on their size, breed, blood-line and whether they professionally compete. Horses can range in price from hundreds to thousands of pounds; be sensible about your budget before buying a horse.

Looking After a Horse

The cost of maintaining a horse can total up to £5000 per year. If you would have to cancel your yearly holiday in order to look after a horse, you need to ask yourself whether it is realistic to make such sacrifices. After all, you don’t want to fall in love with a horse that you can’t afford to keep.

Horse Equipment

When buying a horse you will also need to purchase equipment, including a quality saddle and bridle, which could cost an additional £500, as well as a head collar, lead rope, indoor and outdoor rugs, plus a grooming kit. You may also require a box or trailer for transporting your horse, which will significantly increase costs.

Housing Your Horse

To house your new horse you will need to rent out a stable and yard space. Alternatively, if you have the space and the time you could build them on your land. Remember to consider costs for bedding, food and stable supplies.

Insurance for Horses

As you would insure your car or your home, it is important to buy Horse and Rider Insurance. It’s recommended that a horse insurance quote is requested before buying any horse in order to know how much it will cost to protect yourself and your new horse.


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