Choosing the Right Horsebox for Your Horse or Pony

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If you are planning to get out and about with your horse or pony, it’s time to start considering a horsebox or trailer. Whether you are looking for second hand or new transportation, it is essential that you choose the right model to ensure the safety and comfort of your animal.

 Lorry or Trailer Horsebox?

Many people favour the 3.5 tonne horsebox purely because it is a convenient option. These vehicles can be driven on a standard license so there is no need to take a special test. They are also very simple to drive and are not too thirsty when it comes to fuel. The only downside with a 3.5 tonne vehicle is the price. These lorries are usually in high demand with leisure riders so the good deals often get snapped up quickly. This size horsebox is perfect for one horse and the tack and equipment that goes with it.

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to look at the various trailers that are on the market today. These offer a safe, convenient and reliable means of transporting your horse or pony, but they are quite small. However, many leisure riders prefer a smaller space for their animal as there is less room for it to move around or panic and injure itself. Trailers are also very cheap to run and require no additional road tax. There is no legal requirement for trailer insurance so all you need to do is get horse insurance online and you are ready to go.

Buying either horsebox option second hand will of course save you money, but you should make contingencies for repairs required later on down the line. Before purchasing a second hand vehicle, check over high stress areas for rust such as the floor and the chassis. You can also arrange for a professional inspection to be carried out by a specialist horsebox mechanic to ensure you are making a wise choice.


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