Bishop to Bless Horses

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An unusual blessing ceremony is set to take place in Warwickshire, rather than marriages or christening the blessing will be a horsey affair.

The Church of St Giles in Chesterton will be the site of the blessing, which is aiming to raise money for the conservation of the church.

Taking place in the fields surrounding the church. Fundraisers hope that the quirkiness of the event will attrack visitors, with horse owners, keen to have their horses blessed, prepared to pay upto £8 for a blessing.

The event has already caught the attention of one leading figure in the Warwickshire church, hearing about the event and its worthy cause the Bishop of Warwickshire has lent his support and offered to lead the service.

The inclusion of the Right Reverend John Ronald Angus Stroyan into proceeding has got tongues wagging in the local grape vine and has caught the attention of the press:

Speaking to the BBC about the need to protect the church organiser Lynne Smith said: “I don’t even worship at the church as such but feel it’s an oasis that has to be preserved and used. It’s a magical place as much as a religious place, with the lake and the fields providing the perfect location for a country church.”

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