A few simple money saving tips for horse owners

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  • Buy equipment from the consignment section of your tack shop, and repair instead of replace your equipment. Don’t buy used helmets, and clean your own rugs and blankets with livestock shampoo.
  • Make your own cheap polish to shine brass on harnesses with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Organise paddock sales to sell  and swap any unused or unwanted. Also, wait for the sales to buy seasonal items such as winter rugs in the spring.
  • Always buy good quality hay, which is least expensive in summer, and make sure you do not feed horses cattle feed, which can be deadly to horses.
  • Buy ‘generic feeds’ from your local feed mill instead of a brand named feed, and try to buy in bulk. Also try to buy softwood shavings from lumber mills in bulk.
  • Save money on lessons by taking lessons bi-weekly or joining group lessons.
  • Make sure you turn all the lights off in your barn and arena when not in use, and try to only use half lighting where possible at night to save costs.
  • Consider pasture boarding for your horse instead of full board, and barter barn chores for an added discount.
  • Turn out your horses for as long as possible in order to avoid too much soiling on costly bedding.
  • Try front shoes only if your horse must be shod, but let your horse go barefoot when possible.
  • Make sure you keep up to date with any immunisations and health checks to keep health problems such as colic and others to a minimum, and try de-worming your horse yourself instead of your vet to keep costs down. However make sure you do not skip any medicines/vaccinations due.

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