10 things you need to know about equine passports

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1.A horse may not be transported without his passport which includes travelling to shows or even a few miles for a hack. Movement by foot is fine. Although, anyone without a passport has three hours to produce it.

2. Owners of horses without passports face a £5000 fine.

3. It’s a legal requirement to return your passport to the Passport Issuing Organisation  when your horse dies.

4. A passport is not proof of ownership – if you’re buying a horse, make sure you verify ownership yourself and get a receipt

5. All horses requiring a passport after 1 July this year will need to have a microchip implanted by a qualified vet. This applies to  foals and to adult horses who need a new passport

6. If you buy a horse you have only 30 days to register yourself as the new owner, or face prosecution .

7. There are more than Passport Issuing Organisations in existence, some with a stud book and some without. Get more information straight from the horse’s mouth: https://www.gov.uk/horse-passport

8. Livery or other yard owners will need to make arrangements with horse owners for passports to be available within the three hour time limit in the event of an inspection

9 Passport Issuing Organisations are to be allowed to provide ‘smart cards’, similar to credit cards, for use especially when travelling. To date, no organisations have offered to supply these

10 There are 1,058,422 full passports currently held on horses in the UK, and an estimated 1.35 million horses.

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